The Miniatur Wunderland

Unforgettable moments are made at Rotary conventions, as you connect with members from all over the world. It’s also an opportunity to explore a place you have never been before. We asked local members of Rotaract what they would recommend people see during the 2019 Rotary International Convention in Hamburg, Germany, 1-5 June. Here are their suggestions. (Remember to register by 15 December to save!)

  1. Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg
    The Miniatur Wunderland is the largest model railway exhibition in the world. Opened in 2001 and located in the Speicherstadt (warehouse district), the exhibition has nine sections with different themes, covering almost 1,500 square meters.Says Phillip Franke, of the Rotaract Club Hamburg-City: “I used to come to the Miniatur Wunderland as a child and still love visiting the model railway today because the exhibition continues to change and evolve. The level of detail is astonishing and the scenes that are portrayed throughout the Wunderland are fascinating.”
  1. Elbphilharmonie
    The Elbe Philharmonic Hall (lovingly called “Elphi” by many) is located on the Hafencity (Harbor City), the newest and most modern district in Hamburg. The Philharmonic Hall boasts two magnificent concert halls, restaurants, a hotel and apartments. Concert tickets are in high demand and need to be purchased well in advance. The plaza that surrounds the structure offers stunning views and is open to the public for free.“I have watched as the Elbe Philharmonic Hall was built and finally opened in early 2017. The architecture is absolutely incredible and unique. There is a lookout platform where visitors can go for free and have a first-class view of the entire harbor. I highly recommend a visit either to enjoy a concert or just for the view!” -Christian Guttendörfer, Rotaract Club Hamburg-Reeperbahn i.V.
  1. The Alster
    Located in the heart of the city near the Town Hall and central shopping area, the Alster is a beautiful body of water. Restaurants, bars and cafes line the smaller Inner and larger Outer Alster. You can take a boat tour to explore a number of canals that branch out into different city district, or rent a paddle boat or stand-up paddle. The bike and walking paths around the Alster are perfect for a jog, bike ride, or stroll.“I love taking walks around the Alster with friends after work during the summer or on weekends. There are great cafes located on the Outer Alster where you can enjoy an Aperol or drink a coffee and watch the sailboats glide in the water.” -Katja Kaufmann, Rotaract Club Hamburg-Alster
  1. Hamburg Fish Market
    On Sunday mornings, the Hamburg Fish Market is the most exciting place to be in the city. Visited by tourists and night-owls alike, the Market opens at 5 a.m. and closes around 9:30 a.m. It is a short walking distance from Hamburg’s main party district, the Reeperbahn, so many party-goers continue the evening’s festivities in the fish auction hall, where live bands entertain the early morning visitors. In the outdoor Fish Market, one can buy or bid for fish, flowers and/or small animals.“I love going to the fish market after a long night out with friends, because this is the perfect place to end the evening! While watching two people try and outbid each other on a freshly caught eel you can enjoy one of Hamburg’s famous fish sandwiches.” –Julian, Rotaract Club Altona
  1. Hamburg City HallThis magnificent building, located in the center of the city, is where Hamburg’s parliament and senate meet. The Chamber of Commerce is located behind the City Hall, and houses the Hamburg Stock Exchange. The city hall building thus unites the worlds of politics and business, which historically led to Hamburg’s economic success. The large square in front of the Hall, the Rathausmarkt, is picturesquely situated close to the Alster canals, where Hamburg’s swan population lives. When the weather is nice, many people sit on the steps near the swans with a cup of coffee. Especially in the summer, the square is a popular venue for open-air events. The Rathausmarkt is also the ideal point to begin a shopping tour of Hamburg’s famous Neuer Wall and the stores of the Mönckebergstraße and Spitalerstraße.“The Hamburg City Hall is such an impressive building. Four of our Host Organization Committee events will be taking place near City Hall. ” -Marisa, Rotaract Club Hamburg-City

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