Hero imageBy Rotary Voices staff

The COVID-19 crisis has created significant challenges in education. Developing remote learning plans and using new technology compounds the already complex task of teaching children and achieving the desired educational outcomes. Rotarians are quick to want to help, but not all responses have the same kind of impact. Read these suggestions for Rotary clubs wanting to support education sustainably through a global grant project.

  1. Always start with a community assessment.
    Meet with community leaders, parents, teachers, and students to learn what initiatives are already in place and what the community is capable of and willing to support.
  2. Don’t reinvent what already exists.
    After you’ve determined if other organizations, particularly governments, are addressing the problem, coordinate your efforts with them to complement their approach.
  3. Prepare and equip teachers.
    Teachers need to be supported and trained before they can embrace alternatives to in-person school that are dictated by physical distancing, such as remote learning plans.
  4. Focus on the long term.
    It’s tempting to want to fix a problem immediately. But sustainable solutions take time to develop and implement.
  5. Communicate with regional grants officers.
    Many education efforts involve components beyond the basic education and literacy area of focus. Connecting with Rotary’s grants officers will ensure that efforts across multiple areas of focus are concentrated on a comprehensive solution.

Facing the challenges of COVID-19, Rotary clubs and partner organizations are finding new ways to support access to education. Read more