By Shaillina Rai, Interact Club of Golden Gate International College, Nepal

When my fellow Interactors and I set out to participate in the 2022 Interact Awards, we thought winning the title of Best Video would be the best part. But now we know the journey itself is the real prize.

Every year, my Interact club eagerly awaits the announcement that entries are being accepted for the Interact Awards. Taking part gives our members a chance to show how much we care about our community. Last year we were excited to learn that the theme would be showcasing how our members champion diversity, equity, and inclusion across our projects, club, and community. It fit the types of projects we were already doing in our community, which inspired us to create a video to share that impact.

Our club held multiple meetings to talk about which project we wanted to make a video about. It was hard to decide because we had so many good ideas. Then we encountered the Inclusive Sports Club, a nonprofit that provides sports training, assistance, and advocacy for people with disabilities. We were impressed by an event they were planning and asked them if we could collaborate with them. Together, we created Project Triveni to spread awareness about disabilities.

We decided to make that our video and scheduled a date to film with the Inclusive Sports Club. We also invited nearby Interact clubs to attend the filming.

There were many challenges, including meeting tight deadlines, balancing time between filming and schoolwork, and finding enough equipment to shoot our video. But we met them all. We were able to rent film equipment using club funds, and we borrowed other gear from a local videographer who was acquainted with one of our members.

Our team focused on the work and enjoyed many lighthearted moments. We proved that a good team can tackle anything! The challenges just made us stronger.

Our advice to clubs thinking about the 2023 Interact Video Award is to assemble a team and plan your script, since writing a script isn’t something we do every day. Work together to overcome challenges and don’t forget to have fun. Submitting a video is an awesome way to show off your project, tell your story, and demonstrate how you’re making a difference in the world.

Submit your video, photo, or essay for the 2023 Interact Awards. The deadline to enter is 3 December.